2 hours away from Bogota, amazing rocks for climb for the ones who like extreme sports. $90.000 COP includes guide, and all the equipment you need.



A fun way to see the city!! English speaking guides will show you the historic centre, city parks, political, historical and religious sites. The tour lasts 4 hours, the price is $35.000 any day of the week and you can book the one at 10:30 am or 1:30pm.



This is the main sport in Colombia, originated by the indigenous from the western part of Colombia 500 years ago. It is played by throwing a metal plate or disc weighing about 2 kg at a target so as to make it strike the “mechas” (gunpowder) in the middle of the target. Whoever makes the most mechas explode wins. Beer companies sponsor most of these teams that is because the idea is to drink looooots of beer wile you try to make some explosions.



After all those naughty things you did during the weekend you should go and pray at the salt cathedral….yeah right!!!! Or you could just have a chill day at one of the wonders of Colombia, an underground Roman Catholic Church built within the tunnels of a salt mine 200 meters underground in a halite mountain. The temple at the bottom has three sections, representing the birth, life, and death of Jesus. The icons, ornaments and architectural details are hand carved in the halite rock. Some marble sculptures are included. The cathedral is in Zipaquira, a town 2 hours out of Bogota, to get there you have different options.  If you are the one that likes to try to save as much as you can then take the transmilenio to portal del norte, then change buses to Zipaquira, then walk around 10 blocks to the cathedral and the same on the way back. We can provide you tickets at reception so you can avoid lines, our tickets will be same price as they sell them, they have different options depends on what you want to do but the cheapest $23.000 COP is enough to get to know the best. If you are friendly, have good energy and have made friends at the hostel then we can organize a bus + lunch + tickets + tour guide, so you can pray all together!!



Tuesdays night is certainly a quite one in Bogota so head to La Villa for the best party and language exchange with locals, yeah we know the name makes you think there will be lots of gringos and yes we know even if you are a gringo, you don’t want to be in a club full of gringos, but these guys made it so lots of Colombians go and practice their English, then, after 10:00pm, the happy hour ends and the party starts so you can practice some Latin vibes while you keep on practicing….. Spanish of course!! If we make a group of at least 8 people we organize the bus there and back with a few drinks on board and entrance for $25.000COP.



This place is amaaaaazing, the best party whatsoever; the atmosphere of this place is unique, there is not one single spot without some decoration in it, people dress in funny outfits are always dancing with you and the nicest and wealthy people form Bogota go there. There are two Andres Carne de Res, one in Bogota and one in Chia (45 minutes out north of Bogota) we go to the one in chia because is the best one in terms of space and atmosphere, the one in Bogota has 3 floors so is very easy to lose everybody and it is a little bit more expensive.  The one in Chia is a massive house and when it’s busy almost 2.000 people are partying there on Saturdays. The music….. everything…  Be aware that party in Bogota is expensive, so don´t plan on saving money, put your best outfit and be ready for the most fun, pretty and different party you have been. On Saturday we run a bus to and from Chia, including a few drinks on board and the entrance of just $60.000 pesos, so get you name on the list early and enjoy one of South America’s best parties!!